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Fully utilizing the tools you have is the fastest way to multiply your team's productivity.

Leverage the best practices of the most productive teams.

Harnessing the Full Power of MS Teams

Getting the most out of MS Teams is key to multiplying your productivity within the Microsoft environment.

Notion as Team Management Hub

Make Notion your cornerstone app by managing your clients, tasks and projects from one place.

Fixing Slack for async teams

Eliminate internal emails and unproductive meetings by utilizing the power of asynchronous communication done right.

And custom-made workshops based on your needs.

"After an insightful workshop on hybrid meetings delivered by Remote People, we decided to dive deeper into MS Teams with Andrej as well.
The workshop was very practical and proved to be useful for day-to-day work as well as for my newly forming distributed team. I've already applied many of the learnings and become more productive thanks to it.
I very much recommend it to everyone."

Marian Stevko, Project / Client Manager


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