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The Full Power of MS Teams

Save time using features, you never had time to explore.

Learn best practices from the most productive teams.


MS Teams is the most important productivity app of the Microsoft environment.


Yet, teams usually receive the least amount of training on how to utilize it.

There are many features worth discovering.


At the same time, MS Teams unlocks the benefits of asynchronous communication.

Benefits of ​Asynchronous Communication

According to research from Atlassian and Microsoft, bad meetings are the no.1 obstacle to productivity.

MS Teams enables you to use asynchronous practices that decrease the number of meetings and shrink the meeting time.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 204520.png

Meet the #1 barrier to productivity - research done by Atlassian

Screenshot 2024-03-21 205541.png


1. Foundations of async. communication

Establishing common practices

Structuring async. communication

Moving meetings to async. communication

2. Utilizing meeting features

Default meeting settings

Recording, transcribing, and followup

3. Task management and integrations

Staying on top of tasks

Integrating additional tools



1. Tailored

Every training reflects both the needs and technical setup of the team

2. Hands-on

Participants set and test all the key features during the workshop and try the best practices themselves

3. Universal

Most of the techniques and best practices can be applied in any environment even using different tools

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