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Multiply your team's productivity

By utilizing the Future of Work practices

I’ve spent the last 10 years maximizing the productivity of various teams at Slido while helping it grow from 10 to 250 people.

I strongly believe that every team can multiply its productivity simply by utilizing the right tools and implementing proven practices.

Hi, I’m Andrej

It doesn’t matter if your team is distributed around the world or fully


Andrej Kristufek
About Me

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How can I help you
Initial call

We go through your team's tools and workflows.​

You will get actionable steps how to improve it.

The first one is free.

No sales or commitment.


Fully utilizing the tools you already have is the fastest way to multiply your team's productivity. 

Leverage the best practices of the most productive teams.


Choosing and implementing the right tools can be a painful process with uncertain results.

Tap into my 10 years of experience to save time and money. 


Schedule initial free consultation

No sales, no commitment.
Just a quick assessment of your tools and practices followed by actionable suggestions on how to improve them.

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